Nobel Prize Laureates Lecture in Yerevan


As part of a series of lectures entitled «Firsthand Knowledge», Young Biologists Association NGO has invited two renowned scientists, Nobel Prize Laureate in physiology and medicine Sir Timothy Hunt (UK), and Nobel Prize Laureate in chemistry Martin Chalfie (the USA) to deliver lectures in Yerevan in November 2-6, 2012. The NGO, with the support of the State Committee of Science, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Armenian Youth Foundation, and the Tufenkian Foundation, organized public lectures of the Nobel Prize winners in the hall of the newly-built building of the Matenadaran on 4th of November. During the lecture Tim Hunt emphasized the importance of removing all cancer cells to overcome the disease. He also addressed the causes and stages of cancer, introducing several scholars who have conducted studies in the sphere. Hunt has discovered protein molecules that control the division (duplication) of cells. He became a Nobel Laureate in 2001 together with Leland Hartwell and Sir Paul Nurse. Martin Chalfie spoke about the green fluorescent proteins and the methods of their division. Chalfie was awarded with the honor in 2008 together with Osamu Shimomura and Roger Tsien. After the lecture, the scholars answered the participants’ questions. Later in the day, around 30 young biologists met the Nobel laureates at a round table to discuss questions of interest and get recommendations on the skills important for a high level scholar.

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