“East Or West – Outdoors is the Best” youth exchange project

From 4 to 13 of June “East Or West – Outdoors is the Best” youth exchange project was held, which took place in Georgia, 3 nights in International Scout Centre Rustavi and 6 nights in Pona campsite, which is situated in the mountainous region of Kakheti in the eastern part of Georgia. Participants stayed in tents. The project brought together 35 young people – youth workers and active volunteers from 7 countries: United Kingdom, Georgia, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Armenia. The project organised by Georgian Youth For Europe (Georgia) and Abroadship.org (UK) with the support of Erasmus plus programme.
The program has included indoor and outdoor educational theories: Orientation in Nature, Compass, Mapping, Night hike, Sports, Olympic Games, Famous Athletes & National Sports competitions, All Day Hike, Healthy and Physically Active Lifestyle, Knots and Rope course, the introduction “My country” and Mix of Cultures.

Contemporary youth is the first e-generation, which grew up in the environment of computers, i-pods, Internet, Facebook, Playstations and can stay in front of the computer 12 hours non-stop. This generation avoids going out and having fun with simple things like hiking and camping in nature.

Project “East or West – Outdoors is the Best” was a multilateral 2 phased youth exchange project aimed to promote healthy behaviours, in particular through the promotion of sports and outdoor activities as a mean to reach a healthy lifestyle.
• To uncover the main principles of outdoor education and to use the experience as a learning tool with the main focus on outdoor activities
• Through personal experience to increase motivation and involvement of youth in organising activities in nature
• Promote a healthy lifestyle and sport activities
• To experience camping and living outdoors
• To increase multicultural competences among participants

Article by Kristina Sahakyan


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