“Brain Awareness Week” 2013 Educational Campaign in Armenia


On 11-17th of March, 2013 the “Brain Awareness Week” educational campaign organized by Young Biologists Association NGO was held in Armenia. The aim of the campaign was to provide information to pupils about brain diseases, particularly about Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease and about achievements in biomedical research, in the field of their therapy and etc. This is a global campaign coordinated by “Dana” foundation and is carried out in 100 countries worldwide.

Within the framework of the campaign Young Biologists Association NGO realized educational seminars and competitions about these neurodegenerative diseases in 10 schools of Armenia. Informational posters were also posted in the schools.

Five schools from Yerevan and five from other regions of Armenia participated in the campaign. Among them were #185, #196 secondary schools, “Ohanian”, “Poqrik Ishxan” educational complexes, “Quantum” college in Yerevan and Avshar and Gegharqunik villages’ secondary schools, c. Metsamor’s #2 high school, Qanaqeravan village’s «Poqr Mher» military educational complex, Hrazdan’s #10 high school. Approximately 200 pupils participated in the campaign.

After the seminars special test-competitions based on the presented information were organized for the participants and the pupils were awarded various prizes. At the end of the campain based on results the best school was selected. This time the best school of «Brain Awareness week» 2013 was recognized «Quantum» college.

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